Numerical certification and reliability 

Reliability, security, decision

"Our challenge is to create a continuum ranging from the physical realization to the high-level models allowing to perform analysis and mathematical proofs. "

Cyril Gavoille, Coordinator


This research axe involves three different laboratories:

Check the reliability of systems and applications in order that there are no gaps and ensure optimization and network security are part of the strategic challenges of this research team.

The use of formal methods and verification techniques for processing and to ensure the reliability of what is called "critical systems". They concern systems whose failure can have dramatic consequences such as transport, health or finance. Thus, it's essential to prove through appropriate models the reliability of these systems.

These works conducted under this research in optimization can meet new demands created by new technologies (cloud computing, big data etc ...). These works related to security have applications in our daily life through new technologies:

  • network
  • communications
  • data storage

Robot, photograph by Pierre Castéran