Numerical certification and reliability 

Scientific Computing

"The traditional theoretical and experimental approaches can be dangerous to study in  laboratory, lengthy and expensive. That’s why it’s essential today to solve some research problems using scientific computing, modeling and simulation. "

Angelo Iollo, coordinator


This research axe involves five different laboratories :

Researchers are working on modeling the world that surround us, setting equation and simulation by means of computers. These machines with tens of thousands of hearts, have such power, they are capable of performing calculations unaffordable 10 years ago.

These themes of research and the union laboratories help to strengthen research on various fields of applications such as:

  • Nuclear
  • Automobile Industry
  • Medecine
  • Materials Science
  • Aviation

One of the leading research projects

will allow, one day, scientists to predict the

evolution of a tumor through the

calculations and modeling.

The team of "Scientific Computing" regularly works in collaboration with the laboratory of Excellence Amadeus and COTE on multidisciplinary projects.

Numerical simulation of a wind turbine