Numerical certification and reliability 

Signal and image

"The image and the digital signal is an integral part in our lives today, demonstrated by the variety of applications and close to our daily lives such as editing photographic image or film"

Jean-François Aujol, Coordinator


This research axe involves three different laboratories:

Several teams of researchers with specific skills cooperate together and share their expertise on different subject such as signal processing, mathematical modeling or numerical optimization and fast algorithm. From this research result large sectors of application both technical and closer to our daily lives:

  • Aeronautics and aerospace
  • Image editing
  • Materials science and Energy
  • Medical imaging

This group of researchers also interacts with the team of "Scientific Computing" CPU, especially in the field of oncology. Several multidisciplinary projects have been built with Laboratories of Excellence TRAIL and Cote


Colorization of black&white photograph using color pallet of an other image